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National Survey - Reports and Products

There are more data in the Surveys than are published in the national survey reports and fifty state reports. The USFWS Survey staff identifies additional priority information needed by state fish and wildlife agencies, national conservation agencies, and other major survey stakeholders that can be based on analysis of the surveys’ databases. The reports produced are published as addenda to the surveys and include such topics as trends in fishing and hunting recruitment and retention, the economic impacts of expenditures on wildlife watching on state and national economies, and the extent of private and public land use by hunters and anglers.

The following types of data are presented in the reports:

  • Number of anglers, hunters, and wildlife-watching participants, by type of activity.
  • Trips and days spent on different types of activities.
  • Expenditures (trip, equipment, etc.), by type of fishing and hunting and wildlife-watching activity.
  • Number of persons and days of participation by animal sought.
  • Demographic characteristics of participants (including age, income, sex, race, and education).

The reports/data are organized by survey year and are available for download.

2006 | 2001 | 1996 | 1991

A CD containing data used to prepare the reports and hard copies of the reports and products still available can be obtained by contacting:

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
NCTC Publication Unit
698 Conservation Way
Shepherdstown, WV 25443
(304) 876-7203 or email: pubs@fws.gov